DMRplus DV4mini Setup

The DV4mini implements a DMR hotspot in a USB dongle stick:

The DV4mini product is made by Were from Wireless Holdings

The device contains a low power 70cm transceiver with an interface that works with a PC and associated application to link the hotspot to the DMRplus network via the Internet and enables a connection to the ZL-TRBO DMR network. It is intended for use when coverage from a DMR repeater is not available.

Support for the DV4mini and the connection to the ZL network is provided by the New Zealand DMRplus IPSC2 server South Pacific reflector 4850. This is an experimental connection to assess the audio quality and usability, it permits people with a DV4mini or similar devices to connect to the ZL talk group when out of range of a DMR repeater. Please understand that this ZL talkgroup connection via reflector 4850 may not be necessarily maintained in the future. However, the DMRplus South Pacific reflector 4851 (TG153) will continue to be supported.

To participate in the experimental connection please download the latest control software and firmware from here. This is important, the connection will not work with out-of-date firmware or control software.

At the time of writing firmware version 1.77 and the Windows® control center software build dated 20th March 2017 is current.

Once installed and DV4mini firmware updated, on the expert settings tab of the control center:

Select QRG correction of 0 to select the auto track mode
Select the DMR+ button as the DMR master and selectNew Zealand from the drop-down box of available masters
Then on the DV Control tab, select DMR+ mode, select TS2, select reflector 4850 in the drop-down list, and then click connect

The following set up images are kindly supplied by Jeff ZL2JG

Devices other than the DV4mini may also work provided that they support connection to the DMRplus network, allow you to select DMR+ New Zealand or IPSC2 New Zealand as your DMR master and allow connection to reflector 4850. Tested device will be listed on this web site under the drop down from the DMR Network tab. Feedback can be sent to Jeff ZL2JG, he can be contacted by email at the last two letters of his callsign immediately followed by

Updated 7 April 2018

Note: Windows is a service mark of Microsoft Corporation and DV4mini is a cooperation of DG8FAC, DG1HT, and DJ0ABR.